I can normally expect to get through approximately forty pupils in a school day. Each pupil will be assisted to centre the clay, then decide what shape they would like to achieve. They will then help to form the shape, smooth the surface and cut it from the wheel. Each pupil spending approximately five to ten minutes at the wheel.

I usually take five pupils at a time, sit them around the wheel, explain the process and then each pupil takes their turn to make a pot. When all five have created their pot, they return to class and another five replace them.

The pots need to be left to dry out for a couple of days. When completely dry and hard they can be painted and varnished or sealed. Acrylic paints work well and PVA glue is a good sealant.

The activity is suitable for any age or level of ability. I make sure that everyone taking part finishes with a pot they can be proud of. It is then an object of value and not just a lump of clay. As you can appreciate this requires quite a high level of guidance but isn't a long process.

All that's required of the school is a small workspace with access to a sink,13amp socket and tables or boards to put the newly made pots on.

I have run workshops with children of nursery age through to year six (including special needs) and all have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Even the teachers can have a go! I have to warn you though that the teachers don't get as much help!

Supports many areas of the curriculum such as Design and Technology, Art, History, Science(properties of clay), Literacy- Sequencing the activity etc.

The cost of a full day school workshop is £205. Shorter sessions can also be offered. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.




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